Dear Reader,

Research into the Flick surname name over the last years has answered many questions for myself, now knowing that I descend from Flicks in Suffolk in the middle ages.  The study of the surname has also been, in itself a study of all surnames, and all social history of humans who lived in similar conditions in these various villages in England.  As one looks further into the specifics of one family and one surname, one must also look not simply at this microcosm but at the the macrocosm of the other families, the village, the county, and the nation.  After all it is the combination of all the details of individuals and families as a whole that make up our known history of the entire country of England.

For every answer and truth revealed about one individual or group of individuals, there has been many more questions that have arisen.  For many of these Flick ancestors there is simply a few facts that remain of their existence.  From these facts we can only know very little definitively about them.  A name and often a few dates are all that remain today. When compared to an entire life, these names and dates are almost microscopic in comparison with the multitude of experiences, relationship, and events that would have occured within an almost measureless frequency.  We are left with so many questions such as : “What did these people do?”, “Where did they live?”, “What were they like?”.  Unfortunately the intimate knowledge of many of these individuals may be lost to time.

As amateur genealogists and an amateur historians we can’t answer all of these questions, but we can infer from what we already know about known history to give us small clues into their lives.  When there is no definitive answer, we must attempt to narrow down the possibilities of what could have happened excluding all those that could not have happened.  Once we have done that we are left with “multiple point question” like that of an examination, and much like the examination we can take those remaining possibilities and make an estimate of likelihood of occurrence.   In the end, hopefully leaving us with one possibility being the most likely and having others that are from likelihood.

On this web page I will make statements and assumptions, and I will make sure to identify which of the latter I am using.  I also may make statements many other claim to be false.  This being the case as no information is considered fact by all, I am encouraging the reader to challenge all that I write on this web page for the goal of improving it for all future readers.  Also any information that is felt to be omitted by myself on this web page is encourage to be sent to me, so I can include it on the web page.

My goal is to have this web page be a useful tool for the communication and collaboration of peoples interested in the Flick surname that might otherwise not be able to communicate due to time and distance restraints.


Enjoy !